Experience Day of the Dead and visit Monarch butterfly sanctuaries in Mexico with a Fair Trade tour served by local people.
January - March, 2020

Monarch Sanctuaries Odyssey

The time is now to experience the Monarch Biosphere Reserves in the mountains of central Mexico.  We'll be offering 7-day tours throughout the high season as well as the traditional Conocer "Carnaval" 10-day tour including a homestay at the end of February.

Encounter millions of butterflies suspended on the limbs of oyamel pine trees. Deep in the mountains of Mexico experience the magnificent biodiversity unique to our hemisphere.

7 Day Tours

Weekly from January 5th, 2020 (see details in Calendar)

Price - $1250

10 Day Tour

February 22nd - March 1 Tlalpujahua Carnaval Tour

Price - $1450

photo by Marylou Lamonda

On May 4th, 2019 past participants of Conocer met to honor the founder and their friend Jackie Reid-Detloff.  As a particpant of Conocer on her final trip, I was delighted to see my fellow travelers and spend time with Jackie, her husband Frank, her children Joseph and Michelle and her grandchildren Dominic and Olive.  I had the opportunity to meet and share the experience of Conocer with participants from the past 12 years.

I have the honor of following in the footsteps of Jackie Detloff to keep the spirit of Conocer alive and thriving.  Like Jackie,  I lived in Mexico, learned the language and grew to love her people and culture.  My goal is to continue Jackie's legacy and also offer additional opportunities for those from the north to experience the beauty, honor and traditions of Mexico.

We will continue the Fair Trade tradition that Jackie and Tere started including home-stay tours guided by Adrian and Paty.  In addition we want to expand the offerings to see the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserves during the peak of this season while we still have the opportunity.  Tourism to this area provides opportunities for the local community that encourages them to nurture and preserve the Monarchs.

I hope you'll consider joining us in the future. - James Binder

photo by Marylou Lamonda
photo by Marylou Lamonda

Consider Joining Us

Please consider joining Monarch Odyssey on an upcoming tour starting with Day of the Dead 2019 in Michoacan, Mexico.  We are expanding the tours to the Monarch Biosphere Reserves to allow visitors to access additional sites as well as the traditional "Carnaval" tour including a homestay.

Where in Mexico?

Monarch Odyssey is based in the rich agricultural state of Michoacán, named, like the state of Michigan, for the many lakes that dot its landscape. Michoacán is known as the breadbasket of Mexico because of its fertile land. It is also known as the “Soul of Mexico” because it is the source of so much indigenous and colonial tradition.

The capitol of Michoacán is Morelia. Our program highlights the natural beauty and cultural history of the region surrounding this city. In 1991 Morelia was designated by the United Nations as a World Heritage site because of its historical and architectural riches. Morelia is truly a gem among Mexican cities.

Forty-five minutes northeast of Morelia is the town of Zinapécuaro. Before the Spaniards arrived, Zinapécuaro was the location of the temple to the mother goddess of the Tarascan Indians. More recently it is known for its numerous hot springs and picnic spots.