Monarch Butterfly

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in Michoacán, México

February 2025

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Tours

The time is now to experience the Monarch Biosphere Reserves in the mountains of central Mexico.  We'll be offering 7-day tours throughout the peak of the Monarch migration.  The migration starts in November and lasts through March.  The best time to visit the sanctuaries are in January and February.

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start on February 2nd

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Tours of the Mexican Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve

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Ofrenda (Altar) overlooking Lake Patzcuaro

Monarch Odyssey follows the Monarch Butterfly migration from Canada and the United States to the oyamel pine forests of central Mexico.  The Monarchs arrive at the end of October and coincide with the Day of the Dead celebration in the state of Michoacán.  The locals believe the Monarchs are the souls of their ancestors returning for this magical celebration of life and death.

photo by Marylou Lamonda
photo by Marylou Lamonda

Where in Mexico?

Monarch Odyssey is based in the rich agricultural state of Michoacán, named, like the state of Michigan, for the many lakes that dot its landscape. Michoacán is known as the breadbasket of Mexico because of its fertile land. It is also known as the “Soul of Mexico” because it is the source of so much indigenous and colonial tradition.

The capitol of Michoacán is Morelia. Our program highlights the natural beauty and cultural history of the region surrounding this city. In 1991 Morelia was designated by the United Nations as a World Heritage site because of its historical and architectural riches. Morelia is truly a gem among Mexican cities.

Forty-five minutes northeast of Morelia is the town of Zinapécuaro. Before the Spaniards arrived, Zinapécuaro was the location of the temple to the mother goddess of the Tarascan Indians. More recently it is known for its numerous hot springs and picnic spots.